What Is Floating?


Who Discovered It?

In the 1950’s, Neurophysicist Dr John C Lilly discovered floatation therapy when he was researching brain waves and altered states of consciousness through sensory deprivation.

Dr Lilly’s fascination with isolating the brain from external stimulation led him to devise the first ever float tank which initially was a dark soundproof tank of warm salt water where his subjects could float for long periods in sensory isolation.

How Does It Work?

Floatation technology has come a long way from the early tanks with the use of modern and sophisticated pods containing saturated water with over 500kg of Epsom salts dissolved in approximately 25cm of water and regulated at a 35.5 degrees temperature which is the natural skin temperature.

This intricate solution allows the body to float effortlessly which naturally relaxes the body and mind. When afloat, the body is relieved from all external stimuli and frees itself from all stresses and experiences an extremely heightened state of relaxation.

This intense state of ecstasy triggers the production of theta waves in the brain which takes years of meditation to achieve. Some of the obvious benefits of floating are deep relaxation, heightened clarity, stress release and relieve from unwanted pain.

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