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Infrared saunas are medically proven to endorse wellness, reduce stress, increase blood circulation and assist with weight loss! A 30 minute session can burn 600 calories!

Relax as the stresses and tensions of every day life melt away!

The profuse sweating achieved after just a few minutes in our sauna carries off deeply imbedded impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing and immaculately clean.

Reduce joint stiffness ,muscle aches and other muscular skeletal ailments

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Infrared Sauna heat increases your blood circulation and stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built up toxins in the body. Daily sauna sweating can help detoxify your body.

Improves the immune system

Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscle, so they recover faster. Far Infrared heat relieves muscle tension and thereby helping your body to make the most of its intended healing abilities.

Weight Loss – The heat generated by an infrared sauna causes our core temperature to increase, leading to an increased heart rate which is the same increase in heart rate that we experience when exercising. When our bodies have to work harder to lower our core temperature or keep up with an increased heart rate, our bodies will naturally burn more calories, resulting in weight loss.

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